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Name: Klaudiusz
Send: 21-11-2016 09:43 AM
Subject: Vietnam and Cambodia trip Nov - Dec 2016
Dear Cindy, We have returned from Vietnam & Cambodia. Our trip was excellent. As before service was very good and my clients and me myself we are very satisfied. Thank You very much for Your work I hope we will cooperate soon With the best regards Klaudiusz
Name: Abhinav Biyani
Send: 10-07-2016 10:16 AM
Subject: Nice trip to Halong Bay
Everything went good. Thanks a lot for your arrangement with Bhaya Cruise.
Name: Greg Clune
Send: 28-06-2016 08:05 AM
Subject: Greetings,Cindy
Greetings,Cindy We were sorry to miss you in HCMC last week but it was good to talk to you on the phone. Just a brief note to let you know the journey has been wonderful and your organisation has been first class. Our guides and drivers, cars and hotels have been excellent. The Cambodian experience was just what we had hoped for. We said goodbye to Phat and Tung at Nha Trang this morning - they took great care of us over the past week. Phat was a friendly,informative and caring companion who was always obliging and eager to meet our preferences; Tung is a magnificent driver with whom we felt totally safe - he is a patient,calm and most competent driver. Although we could not share conversation with Tung, we established a happy relationship - his sense of humour comes through very strongly. We had a very happy start with Thae this afternoon and look forward to seeing more of this part of the country tomorrow. Thank you for what has been a memorable journey thus far. We look forward to the next 12 or so days. Greg Clune
Name: Harley Roberts
Send: 28-06-2016 08:38 AM
Subject: Holiday thanks
Dear Ms Phuong Chi, Home after a very enjoyable trip to Vietnam and Dee and I would both like to thank you for your very good organization. We didn’t want to be too rushed and our itinery was very satisfactory finishing up with the Conference in HCMC. We really enjoyed Hanoi and were well looked after by Ha and our very competent driver Mr Wing. Hue and Da Nang interesting but we particularly enjoyed the break at Hoi An. I could recommend the Life Resort Hotel and a trip on the Red River to the Red Bridge Restaurant a must. HCMC busy but the Majestic Hotel a good stay - right on the river and good shopping streets nearby. My trip to the tunnels was well worthwhile but I would think twice before going into the tunnels again. May be an adventure for a younger person. Our final dinner with you finished off a great holiday. Thank you again and as we are to sponsor a child at the SOS Village in Hanoi I am sure we will see you again. Yours Sincerely, Dee and Harley Roberts. PS. Attached Dee with Ha and Mr Wing and also the view from our house in Sydney.
Name: Lily Meier
Send: 28-06-2016 08:10 AM
Subject: Happy Easter Holiday
Dear Chi Thank you very much for the wishes. I apologise for the delay, but I would like to let you know that we enjoyed our holiday in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos very much. All the guides, and all the drivers were very good. Also thank you for taking us out for dinner in Saigon, it was a pleasure to meet you and the food was superb. Lily Meier EMAIL :
Send: 28-06-2016 08:48 AM
Subject: Chi
JEFF CORNFORD HARDWARE Ficuna Pty Limited 146 Hoskins Street Temora NSW Australia 2666 Phone 0269771800 Fax 0269772879 Email : 03.12.02 Phuong Chi Managing Director All Asia Travel Co Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Chi, Thanks for the wonderful Tour, which you set out for us through Vietnam. The 15 day tour with the extra nights at Hanoi and Saigon were great . As it was our first Time to travel through Viet nam, our contact through the internet, your patience with me, the questions and details were dealt very professionally by you . We took each othe on trust and I was amazed how it all turned to reality as we passed through your country, Our guide were fabulous . Quyen the ?Queen ? as we called her, was delightful . Her willingness to make sure our trip was the best , was the great. She was given apoligising as if it was her fault, when we were held up by the water authoritics, for 3.5 hrs, when the weather was windy, before we could go out on the boats to see Halong Bay. After four days with her and our excellent driver, we wondered if the rest of the tour would be as good. We were met at Hue airport by the next guide, Hue, who told us to call her ?Lily ?. Our wonders were soon put to rest. Lily was great and our frendship grew as we spend more time with her. The knowledge of the history of Vietnam was extremely interesting and as she told story after story of the times and places of Vietnam, our interest grew. Her knowledge of the food, the best restaurants to go to, what food was the best in each city and what their specialty was, was appreciated. Gary &myself appreciated all of this and I?m sure we put on weight during our stay. The drive, Ky was great ? his ability to driver the many klms that we did without any problems, was a credit to him as the traffic & road condition at times were difficult. Affter the tour ended, Lily tookus to her family and we enjoyed a meal in her home, it was a great privilege to share time with them. Once again Chi, thanks for the wonderful holiday and your organizing skills. Ifyou wish to use me as Reference for any Australians who are planing a trip to Vietnam, I?m only too pleased for you to use my name. (They can contact me if they wish. ) Thanks Jeff Cornford
Name: Fernado Cruz
Send: 28-06-2016 08:09 AM
Subject: Thanks
Hi Phuong Chi, Just dropping you a note to say thank you very much for the Vietnam tour that your company organised for us. We really enjoyed the trip and very impressed with the overall hospitality shown to us by your guides and the Vietnamese people. Again, thank you and hope to see you again some day. Regards, Fernando &Merle Cruz Email: Yahoo!Web Hosting ? Let the expert host your site
Name: Claire & Martyn Milne, New Zealand
Send: 28-06-2016 08:27 AM
Subject: Milne Parton holidays
Hi Mrs Chi Sorry this has taken some time to send to you. We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful job you did with the organizing of our holiday. You were very patient with all the changes and requests we made, so were your Guides and Drivers. We found the Guides and Drivers very good, most helpful, Chi & Trien extremely good with the little children, and realized it would have been very hard for us without an English speaking person travelling with us. The time taken to purchase tickets to venues, and to find good restaurants and accommodation would have been very tiring and troubling. Although travelling through the long stretches of road in your country, it was delightful, time passed quick. We have similar in New Zealand, as it is a volcanic/mountainous country, and we have many winding roads and long distances to major cities. We felt your country and your people beautiful, and people mostly friendly. Of course with the two little children having blue eyes, and blond hair, they were very much an attraction. We now know why your country is recommended to visit, and would love to visit again sometime and will also encourage people to go. If they wish to do their travel how we did, we will recommend your company. If Kirsten has not spoken to you, I’m sure I can pass on her recommendations and thanks from their family too. Thank you once again for helping us have a lovely family holiday. Best wishes. Claire & Martyn Milne, New Zealand
Name: Marie and David Champion
Send: 28-06-2016 08:35 AM
Subject: Ho Chi Minh city tour - group 25 pax from Cruise ship
Dear Chi We arrived home last night after a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for your help in organising such a great day out for us in HCMC. Everyone on our tour was very happy with our day and our guide Victor did a great job on your behalf with very clear and helpful information. It isn’t easy to keep so many people together in a busy city, but he did a good job despite some of us not coping well in the heat and being a bit slow on our legs! The lunch venue was a great choice too, and we all enjoyed tasting some new and interesting foods. Thank you so very much for all your help. It was much appreciated. Best wishes for your plans and trip to Australia. Best wishes also to your son in his new adventure in Australia – I know Jeff will look out for him as much as he can. Regards, Marie
Name: Bulgari Maurizio and Allesia Lanzi from Italy
Send: 28-06-2016 08:43 AM
Subject: Our holidays in Vietnam
maurizio gmail Feb 5 to me, Alessia Dear Cindy, We back at home now and we had a sad but good trip after 15 beautiful days on holidyas. We back to our problems.. For your information I send you a quick report about our travel: Con Dao: Condao Resort is old but clean, has big rooms, our bathroom was renewed and has a beautiful view an the beach. it has a nice swimming pool area and external restaurant. Our tour in Con Dao was good too. Our guide was a young lady very nice and kind. She speak a perfect English ( Alessia told me), and he is nice and friedly with tourists. She works in the Sea Travel Resort as recepionits as first work after she is graduate in the university. We intruduce her to the director of the the Chen Sea Resort on Pho Quoc and she already send her curriculum to them. If you need her service we warmly reccomend her : LÊ TH? THÚY S? nhà 8/9 ki?t 137 Phan ?ình Phùng, ph??ng Phú Nhu?n. T.p Hu? email: S?T: 01202.55.64.86 mobile: 01243413038. Tour Saigon to RACH GIA. All things was very and driver was very good. Victoria Chau Doc hotel is a beautiful place and has a good restaurant. Green River hotel in HA TIEN is nice too. it has a new owner who start his business when we stayed there. We found in this hotel a vietnamese young chef (but he dont speak vietnamese language) who lives 12 year in Italy in messina who cooked for us a good dish of "fettuccine allo scoglio", made with pasta and seafood. Pho Quoc. Chen Sea Resort is the best resort we never see. We found it perfect and we had beautiful 4 night there. it’s a luxury place but in some way it’s "informal". The director is french but is different from french people..honestly I dont like french people too much .. but he was very friendly. He speak a good italian and he likes have conversation and as all french and italian people he like to drink wine (sometimes a little bit alot!). His vice speak a fluently italian too and he his friendly too. We like the local travel agency in Phu Quoc so and so. I think they interest we buy perls only. (our guide looks sad when we didnt buy!). They dont look so "professional" but was not a problem for me and alessia. We just inform you. For your information we found an italian restarurant close to the hotel in Saigon. the owner is italian and we eat a pizza very similar to italian pizza. The name is "la hostaria", 178 Le Than Ton Street HCMC. They have a good menù of italian dishes too. I suggest you to try the pizza "zola e speck". I like it very much. When you will come in Italy we will be happy to let you taste the real pizza and the expresso coffe. Thank you for your perfect service! Best regard. Maurizio & Alessia
Name: Dr. Ehud Shapira
Send: 28-06-2016 08:14 AM
Subject: Nepal and Bhutan trip in May/ Jun 2013
Name: Michal Kohn
Send: 28-06-2016 08:39 AM
Subject: Vietnam & Cambodia Oct 2013
Dear Cindy We have returned home from Cambodia on Tuesday night. I have to thank you for a prefect trip organization. All participants were fully satisfied - the whole trip run without any problems. Congratulations and many thanks. Dear Cindy if you or any member of your family have any journey to Europe, you are welcome. Michal Kohn group
Name: Luis Martin Garcia - Spain
Send: 28-06-2016 08:11 AM
Subject: Vietnam and Cambodia trip Oct 2013
Thanks a lot for a superb job in our trip to Vietnam, very proffesional. As we told you we intend to go back to Asia any other time and we would like to count with you. Hoping to see you soon. Your Luis Martín
Name: Dr. Maximo Maislos
Send: 28-06-2016 08:34 AM
Subject: Indonesia trip
Cindy, Time for a summary. The trip to Indonesia was a success. All worked all right. The guides we had were exceptional, especially Mr. Hilman, highly recommended. He was very knowledgeable, kind and considered, flexible and humane. You should take him into account for the future. The same is to say fir the driver, Johnny. They went with us all the way and until our departure to Bali. In Bali we had Rocky as our guide, also very good. The best part of the tour was Yogyakarta and mostly Bali. The cars were newer and comfortable. Thus, Cindy, thank you for all. As you should know, we are part of Esther Paran's group for the train tour from Shanghai at the beginning of October. She has updated us on the itinerary. As soon as we get back we will take care of all the details. Please, keep in touch and let us know of the news. Best from Rosita an max Maislos
Name: Dr. Maximo Maislos
Send: 28-06-2016 08:07 AM
Subject: Vietnam & Cambodia
Dear Cindy, We are back from Lao Cai and Sapa. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. All our tour of Vietnam was special. We have seen and learn a lot. Beautiful places, historical sites and landscapes. The Vietnamese people are welcoming and always ready to help. The hotels were all excellent. Also the food was very good. We had very good guides, some excellent some less, but all good and willing to explain and help. This is the case of Sapa; the guide belongs to a local minority group and thus knows everything related to her people and costumes. She took us to see the villages, we trekked the land, enjoyed the walking, the markets,the extraordinary views, also proposed a change in the itinerary, to take a boat trip instead of visiting another palace. I am happy we did as she suggested. Tomorrow we will be heading to the second part of the tour. We are excited to see how Indonesia is. We do not have for Indonesia any name or reference to contact in case it will be necessary. Thus, please let me know about it. We will keep in touch, Max Maislos
Name: Paran Esther party of 4
Send: 28-06-2016 08:28 AM
Subject: Myanmar
Hello Cindy We are back from Myanmar and Thailand(another 10 days) We had an excellent tour in Myanmar. Your local tours worked well in general, the schedule was kept as designed, the guides met us on time in the airports they had all the information and adequate knowledge and language. In more details: Our guide in Mandalay (Su) a very nice young lady, was the best on the other hand in Inle Lake we had an elderly lady who was not a satisfactory guide. The Hotels were very good except in Mowal. Our only general problem was food. We did not like the fixed menu of Myanmar food, it was too spicy and heavy. I would suggest to take tourist to restaurants with wider choice of food and let them order up to a budget limit rather than tie them to a menu. Please let Columbus tours to have this remarks. I also attach the evaluation form to be transferred. Again the bottom line is that we had an excellent tour, thank you for your effort and I am sure that we will use your superb service again in the future Best wishes Professor Esther Paran MD FASH Hypertension Research Center Faculty of Health Sciences Ben-Gurion University
Name: Sheila Zweifler
Send: 28-06-2016 08:56 AM
Subject: Myanmar & Thailand
Dear Cindy, We have returned from our wonderful trip to Myanmar and Thailand. I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. I plan to use you when we return to Asia as well as recommend you to friends. The only suggestion I would make is in terms of the Thailand trip. There were some long days of driving. I think it would be helpful if you indicated how many hours the drive would be, so we could have been prepared or maybe would have modified the trip. Again thank you for your wonderful planning. Everything from pickups to guides worked out perfectly. Best regards, Sheila Zweifler
Name: Steven Buchwalter
Send: 28-06-2016 08:18 AM
Subject: Bhutan trip
Steven Buchwalter Jan 7 to me Good Evening Chi - Just wanted you to know that the Bhutan trip was great. Everything went fine, and if we had it to do all over again we wouldn’t change anything. Next year we’d love to return to South East Asia, but have run out of ideas. Any suggestions?
Name: Frances Caci
Send: 28-06-2016 08:50 AM
Subject: Indochina 2015
Hello Cindy, I had planned on giving you a report before the week was over but I'll do it now. Unfortunately the weather was very bad when we left and it was just as bad the day after we got back. SNOW - SNOW and more snow but it is starting to melt now that it is officially spring. In general everything was perfect. Everything went smoothly. With the exception of one guide they were all great and we especially liked the one in Hoian and Hanoi. There were times when my knees were bothering me and they all helped by holding my hand for balance when there were steps to climb and no railing or anything to grab on to, (which was almost always.) The hotels were lovely, some better than others, but all good. All except one and I don't remember which one, maybe the one in Siem Reap, did not have twin beds and I think it was full as there were large groups of Koreans there at that time. The Boss hotel in Hanoi was a last minute change and I must admit it was probably the best. I know it's new, the room was big and very comfortable, there was a laptop in the room, the service was excellent, and it was a good location. I would highly recommend it again. I loved the Raffles but unfortunately we did not have much time there to enjoy it as we were in one evening and out the next morning. The food everywhere was wonderful and almost always we ate the local food with no incident. The little female guide in Ho Chi Minh City was especially helpful in acquainting us with restaurants and the food. She was like a mother taking care of here children. The sights to see were all interesting - no complaints there. However, I wish I had known in advance about having to have your shoulders covered for some of the temples as most of my clothes were tank tops because of the heat. I had about 3 shirts with sleeves and wore the same ones most often. The cruise in Halong Bay was wonderful, the boat very comfortable, the food good, and would have been perfect if there was some sun but that could not be helped. We loved the shopping in Phnom Penh and managed to do a little shopping everywhere. My friend had a winter coat made in Hoian and it was much cheaper than what we could buy at home. If I had to recommend adding one more thing it would be an optional elephant ride as we started to see them advertised a lot towards the back half of the trip especially in Laos I think. I have done that in Nepal many years ago and it was fun and my friend would have liked to do it. So maybe it's consideration for the future. So overall I thank you for your efforts as it was a wonderful trip and EVERYTHING went smoothly. I would definitely recommend you to anyone planning to visit to that area. Thanks Frances
Name: Oliver Koch
Send: 28-06-2016 08:07 AM
Subject: Thailand Trip
Dear Cindy we want to thank you for the organization of our Thailand tour and confirm, that the money was transfered back. The service in Thailand was perfect. We had a comfortable car with a very good driver a also a good guide. The chosen hotels were good, especially the Emerald Cove on Koh Chang. Only that one in Chiang May was awful - very dirty. You shouldn't book that again. We had an interesting trip and were faszinated about the culture and liked the Thai food. But we were sad to find nearly no nature. It seemed to be destroyed: Teak and rubber plantations everywhere and obviously a lot of forest fires - some days, we didn't see the sun. It was also sad to see, that lots of ivory is sold in the gems galleries - so no chance for the last asian elephants and a threat for the african elephants, too. So alltogether you did a perfect organization, we had an interesting and relaxing trip, but Thailand was a little bit boring. Thanks and best regards Oliver
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