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Send: 12-09-2023 09:06 AM
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Name: Guy Israel
Send: 01-02-2018 02:34 AM
Subject: Guy Family 3 weeks trip to Vietnam
Israeli family would like to thank you for wonderfull 3 weeks in your beautiful country, and a very nice dinner last night. We will recommend about you to our family and friends. Thank you so much
Name: Jean-Paul Schwitzguebel
Send: 01-02-2018 02:21 AM
Subject: Warm Thanks & Congratuation!
Back in Switzerland after two wonderful weeks in Vietnam, I would like to send you my warmest thanks and congratulations for the perfect organization of our trip to your country: all four hotels were excellent (both rooms and breakfast), the guide was a very nice and very competent person, and the car and driver were also excellent. Unfortunately we did not meet when we were in HCMC ! With my very best greetings and best wishes for Happy Vietnamese New Year ! Sincerely yours Jean-Paul
Name: Lena Stallberg
Send: 24-01-2018 12:23 PM
Subject: Home again!
I will only say that the trip was great and everything passed smoothly. The guides were excellent. My best regards???? Hej hej /Lena Lena Tallberg Redaktör M-magasin Telefon 08-736 56 57 Postadress: M-magasin, 105 44 Stockholm
Name: Klaudiusz
Send: 21-11-2016 09:43 AM
Subject: Vietnam and Cambodia trip Nov - Dec 2016
Dear Cindy, We have returned from Vietnam & Cambodia. Our trip was excellent. As before service was very good and my clients and me myself we are very satisfied. Thank You very much for Your work I hope we will cooperate soon With the best regards Klaudiusz
Name: Bulgari Maurizio and Allesia Lanzi from Italy
Send: 28-06-2016 08:43 AM
Subject: Our holidays in Vietnam
maurizio gmail Feb 5 to me, Alessia Dear Cindy, We back at home now and we had a sad but good trip after 15 beautiful days on holidyas. We back to our problems.. For your information I send you a quick report about our travel: Con Dao: Condao Resort is old but clean, has big rooms, our bathroom was renewed and has a beautiful view an the beach. it has a nice swimming pool area and external restaurant. Our tour in Con Dao was good too. Our guide was a young lady very nice and kind. She speak a perfect English ( Alessia told me), and he is nice and friedly with tourists. She works in the Sea Travel Resort as recepionits as first work after she is graduate in the university. We intruduce her to the director of the the Chen Sea Resort on Pho Quoc and she already send her curriculum to them. If you need her service we warmly reccomend her : LÊ TH? THÚY S? nhà 8/9 ki?t 137 Phan ?ình Phùng, ph??ng Phú Nhu?n. T.p Hu? email: S?T: 01202.55.64.86 mobile: 01243413038. Tour Saigon to RACH GIA. All things was very and driver was very good. Victoria Chau Doc hotel is a beautiful place and has a good restaurant. Green River hotel in HA TIEN is nice too. it has a new owner who start his business when we stayed there. We found in this hotel a vietnamese young chef (but he dont speak vietnamese language) who lives 12 year in Italy in messina who cooked for us a good dish of "fettuccine allo scoglio", made with pasta and seafood. Pho Quoc. Chen Sea Resort is the best resort we never see. We found it perfect and we had beautiful 4 night there. it’s a luxury place but in some way it’s "informal". The director is french but is different from french people..honestly I dont like french people too much .. but he was very friendly. He speak a good italian and he likes have conversation and as all french and italian people he like to drink wine (sometimes a little bit alot!). His vice speak a fluently italian too and he his friendly too. We like the local travel agency in Phu Quoc so and so. I think they interest we buy perls only. (our guide looks sad when we didnt buy!). They dont look so "professional" but was not a problem for me and alessia. We just inform you. For your information we found an italian restarurant close to the hotel in Saigon. the owner is italian and we eat a pizza very similar to italian pizza. The name is "la hostaria", 178 Le Than Ton Street HCMC. They have a good menù of italian dishes too. I suggest you to try the pizza "zola e speck". I like it very much. When you will come in Italy we will be happy to let you taste the real pizza and the expresso coffe. Thank you for your perfect service! Best regard. Maurizio & Alessia
Name: Dr. Ehud Shapira
Send: 28-06-2016 08:14 AM
Subject: Nepal and Bhutan trip in May/ Jun 2013
Name: Michal Kohn
Send: 28-06-2016 08:39 AM
Subject: Vietnam & Cambodia Oct 2013
Dear Cindy We have returned home from Cambodia on Tuesday night. I have to thank you for a prefect trip organization. All participants were fully satisfied - the whole trip run without any problems. Congratulations and many thanks. Dear Cindy if you or any member of your family have any journey to Europe, you are welcome. Michal Kohn group
Name: Luis Martin Garcia - Spain
Send: 28-06-2016 08:11 AM
Subject: Vietnam and Cambodia trip Oct 2013
Thanks a lot for a superb job in our trip to Vietnam, very proffesional. As we told you we intend to go back to Asia any other time and we would like to count with you. Hoping to see you soon. Your Luis Martín
Name: Dr. Maximo Maislos
Send: 28-06-2016 08:34 AM
Subject: Indonesia trip
Cindy, Time for a summary. The trip to Indonesia was a success. All worked all right. The guides we had were exceptional, especially Mr. Hilman, highly recommended. He was very knowledgeable, kind and considered, flexible and humane. You should take him into account for the future. The same is to say fir the driver, Johnny. They went with us all the way and until our departure to Bali. In Bali we had Rocky as our guide, also very good. The best part of the tour was Yogyakarta and mostly Bali. The cars were newer and comfortable. Thus, Cindy, thank you for all. As you should know, we are part of Esther Paran's group for the train tour from Shanghai at the beginning of October. She has updated us on the itinerary. As soon as we get back we will take care of all the details. Please, keep in touch and let us know of the news. Best from Rosita an max Maislos
Name: Dr. Maximo Maislos
Send: 28-06-2016 08:07 AM
Subject: Vietnam & Cambodia
Dear Cindy, We are back from Lao Cai and Sapa. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. All our tour of Vietnam was special. We have seen and learn a lot. Beautiful places, historical sites and landscapes. The Vietnamese people are welcoming and always ready to help. The hotels were all excellent. Also the food was very good. We had very good guides, some excellent some less, but all good and willing to explain and help. This is the case of Sapa; the guide belongs to a local minority group and thus knows everything related to her people and costumes. She took us to see the villages, we trekked the land, enjoyed the walking, the markets,the extraordinary views, also proposed a change in the itinerary, to take a boat trip instead of visiting another palace. I am happy we did as she suggested. Tomorrow we will be heading to the second part of the tour. We are excited to see how Indonesia is. We do not have for Indonesia any name or reference to contact in case it will be necessary. Thus, please let me know about it. We will keep in touch, Max Maislos
Name: Paran Esther party of 4
Send: 28-06-2016 08:28 AM
Subject: Myanmar
Hello Cindy We are back from Myanmar and Thailand(another 10 days) We had an excellent tour in Myanmar. Your local tours worked well in general, the schedule was kept as designed, the guides met us on time in the airports they had all the information and adequate knowledge and language. In more details: Our guide in Mandalay (Su) a very nice young lady, was the best on the other hand in Inle Lake we had an elderly lady who was not a satisfactory guide. The Hotels were very good except in Mowal. Our only general problem was food. We did not like the fixed menu of Myanmar food, it was too spicy and heavy. I would suggest to take tourist to restaurants with wider choice of food and let them order up to a budget limit rather than tie them to a menu. Please let Columbus tours to have this remarks. I also attach the evaluation form to be transferred. Again the bottom line is that we had an excellent tour, thank you for your effort and I am sure that we will use your superb service again in the future Best wishes Professor Esther Paran MD FASH Hypertension Research Center Faculty of Health Sciences Ben-Gurion University
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